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Back to school!

Friends, the new school year has started! Let's start with a short news digest. On September 1, the children of the primary school started studying. They attended the solemn first lesson. Our friends from Colegiul National Pedagogic "Gh. Lazar" kindly sheltered the primary school.

On September 8, middle and high schools are returning to the student desks. We once again thank our dear partners Royal School in Transylvania Thanks to you, Ukrainian refugee children can study in such a comfortable place.

As always, our friends Peace Action Training and Research Institute of Romania (PATRIR) support us. We thank you! And, of course, this project could not have happened without UNICEF Romania

In the following posts, we will share with you the wonderful events that were successfully held with the support of the project Ти як? Радіо Свобода So don't switch! And subscribe to our partners



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