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We are a team of the educational project that was created by the Ukrainians for Ukrainian children in Cluj-Napoca (Romania). The hub helps with mastering of the Ukrainian school curriculum and creates a homelike atmosphere for the socialization of children and their comprehensive development.

More than 200 refugee children from Ukraine participate in the project. Most of them also study online, but distance schools can’t provide a decent education. Therefore, we have organized a safe space for schoolchildren of all grades and preschoolers.


Among our main goals - to prepare children for smooth enrolling back into the Ukrainian schools and for a life in Ukraine after the end of the war.


The team of education actors consist of more than 15 professional teachers and some volunteers. There are also lecturers of higher educational institutions and colleges among them.

The classes are held three times a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The lessons start in the afternoon and continue until the evening. Electives and extracurricular activities take place on other days. Also we are implementing a special course of Ukraine studies and patriotic education called "Ukraine is Here". Teaching at the Hub takes place in the Ukrainian language and is conducted according to the program of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. We have modern Ukrainian textbooks and a little library for the usage of the little and older readers as well as for their parents.

We emphasize the study of modern English. We also focus on learning the Romanian language. If necessary, our psychologist works with children and their families. Classes take place in the local educational institutions in Cluj-Napoca, all classrooms are equipped with interactive boards and other educational equipment. We are in constant contact with parents, class teachers are attentive to each family.

Our teachers and volunteers are ready to participate in the project as much as the situation requires and as long as we all need to be there before our return to our homeland. Our ambitious goal is to provide students with a summer camp and active recreation.

If the war in Ukraine does not end, we will have to take care of our children next year.

Support us!

There are currently more refugee children than we can accept in our Hub. Our premises and technical capabilities do not allow reaching everyone who needs help. We will be glad for any help from local authorities, charitable foundations and commercial organizations that are ready to support Ukrainian children. 

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