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Our students won the modern dance championship

On April 1, the International Dance Organization Romanian Modern Dance Championship took place.

Congratulations to the Ukrainian children-winners. We are proud that there are so many of our students among them.

Thanks to Meeting Point and dance teacher lena Liubchenko.

Anastasia Kuts - 1st place among girls under 12 years old

Mykola Skalsky - 1st place (junior boys)

Kira Lyubchenko/ Polina Hordiychuk - 2nd place (duet children under 12 years old)

Artem Doroshenko - 2nd place (boys under 12 years old)

Yehor Polyansky - 2nd place (junior boys)

Volodymyr Lozovsky - 3rd place (junior boys)

Mykola Skalskyi/Egor Polyanskyi - 2nd place (junior duet)

Kira Lyubchenko – (4th place girls under 12 years old)

Maria Serebro - 4th place (adult girls)

Rostislav Stoyanov - 5th place (boys under 12 years old)

Thank you for making the world more fun and bright!



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